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What to see?

Routes, surroundings and beaches …

What see? Itineraries, surroundings and beaches that you can visit a few km from the Hotel Borgo Pantano.
South Eastern Sicily offers numerous tourists from all over the world the opportunity to see and visit places with truly unique beauties, both from a landscape and a historical and cultural point of view.
An exciting journey through the suggestive ruins of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, passing through palaces, squares, churches, monuments and other architectural beauties made in Baroque style.
It is really easy to be impressed by the naturalistic landscapes and the wide beaches, bathed by clear and crystalline waters, of our South Eastern Sicily.

Should you choose a short break? Here’s what to see:

Just 8 minutes from the hotel you can visit the historic center of Syracuse which, is the fourth largest city in Sicily defined by Cicero “the largest and most beautiful of all Greek cities”.

What to see in Syracuse?

One of the first stages is certainly its archaeological area. It contains wonders such as the famous Greek amphitheater and all the other historical finds from the ancient Greek polis.
Another stop is the renovated historic center, located on the island of Ortigia with the baroque architecture of Piazza Duomo, the restored waterfront and finally with the famous source Aretusa.

Syracuse and what to see nearby.

A few steps from the Borgo Pantano hotel you can visit the natural reserve of the river Ciane and the ancient Saline Syracuse. For those who love the beach and the sea, we suggest seeing the beaches of Arenella, Fontane Bianche, San Lorenzo and the Pineta Gelsomineto.

What to see if you choose a long vacation?

Having more time available, you can reach different places during the day, 30 minutes to 2 hours away from Borgo Pantano by car, via the highway. Starting from the closest places to see absolutely: the baroque city of Palazzolo Acreide and Noto. The naturalistic itineraries of the Rock Necropolis of Pantalica and the valley of the river Anapo, Cavagrande del Cassibile.

Here’s what to see further, but not too far?

The enchanting town of Marzamemi and the wonderful beaches of Calamosche, Avola and Noto Marina.
A little further away, there are places to see such as: Ragusa Ibla, Modica, the natural reserve of Vendicari or the beaches of Marina di Ragusa, Punta Secca, Sampieri or Donnalucata and finally with the symbol par excellence of our amazing land the mount Etna, the volcano of Sicily.